Reliant Sourcing Solutions: Stamping

Metal stamping offers a fast, affordable, and effective option for projects requiring a high volume of metal components. The technique involves transforming metal sheets with presses and custom dies to achieve consistent, identical components. The savings associated with stamping extend to both short and long production runs of even complex parts, especially since stamping can be combined with other metal forming processes to expedite the manufacturing process.

Between specialized equipment, individualized dies, and diverse material selections, stamping is one of the most versatile manufacturing techniques available today. The presses can be configured to punch, bend, emboss, or otherwise alter sheet metal to achieve varied results. It is this versatility that makes stamping attractive to so many industries.

We source expert metal stamping services for a range of sectors, including:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • HVAC
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Munitions
  • Plumbing
  • Appliance
  • Power Tools

Regardless of industry, you can benefit from our stamping services if you’re seeking a cost-effective option for a run of identical formed parts.


Methods of Stamping

Stamping as a manufacturing process encompasses many types of metalwork. In some cases, stamping can be done in one step on a single press. For more complex designs, it may be necessary to perform multiple stamping operations on the same workpiece using one or more presses.

Some of the most common stamping methods include the following:

Punching a component involves cleanly piercing the workpiece with a die to remove some of the material. Punching is effective for designs that involve holes or openings.

Like punching, blanking removes some material from a workpiece. The removed material then becomes the workpiece or blank.

Embossing is useful when a design calls for a raised or recessed pattern on the surface of a workpiece. This can be accomplished by either pressing or rolling the design onto the blank.

Bending shapes metal into curved profiles. This is a broad category of stamping processes that can be adapted to form multiple shapes.

Coining is a specific bending technique that allows for consistent, precise bends. To coin a blank, the metal is stamped between a die and a punch, forming the workpiece to the curvature of the die.

Flanging is another broader technique that can be implemented with different combinations of equipment. In general, flanging produces a flare on the component, often by pressing the workpiece into a special die.


Types of Stamping Presses

Just as there are many different stamping methods, there are multiple distinct categories of stamping presses, with mechanical and hydraulic presses being most common. Each category is best suited to certain parameters and projects.

  • Mechanical Presses: Powered by motors and mechanical flywheels, mechanical presses are well-regarded for their rapid speed and consistent tonnage through the stroke. They are best used for simple components that can be reproduced from coils of sheet metal.
  • Hydraulic Presses: By contrast, hydraulic presses generate force through pressurized fluids. They offer a finer degree of control over stroke length and pressure, allowing for deeper, more complex shapes. Despite their flexibility, they typically take longer than mechanical presses and are better suited to small runs.


Materials Used

The success of any stamping project depends heavily on proper material selection. Reliant Sourcing guides you through the entire manufacturing process, so our consultants can help you identify suppliers that offer the ideal materials for your product. Some options include:

  • Precious metals, including silver, gold, and platinum
  • Ferrous metals, like stainless steel or other iron-based alloys
  • Non-ferrous metals, such as bronze, brass, or zinc
  • Other alloys, including beryllium-based alloys


Stamping by Reliant Sourcing

At Reliant Sourcing, we offer turnkey solutions for global manufacturing sourcing, allowing you to take any product from prototype to the retail shelf. We draw on nearly 50 years of experience in professional sourcing, and work with only the highest quality providers.

For more information about obtaining superior stamped components at the most competitive prices, get in touch with Reliant’s experts today.