Packaging and logistics operations encompass all of the activities associated with packing and transporting goods and products from the manufacturer or distributor to the consumer.

At Reliant Sourcing Solutions, we provide a variety of packaging and logistics solutions to facilitate the completion of a client’s project. We offer capabilities for bulk material sourcing and shipping to a client’s factory for further manufacturing and processing operations.


Our Packaging Services

Our packaging capabilities include:

  • Packing. We offer packing services for individually labeled items and service parts.
  • Kitting. For two or more parts that require assembly, we offer kitting services to group, package, and deliver the related items together.
  • Labeling. Customers employ our labeling services for individual or assembly items and our private labeling services for their retail products. For retail products, we can source labels and packaging or use ones supplied by the client.


Our Logistics Services

Along with our packaging services, we offer a range of shipping services to meet the unique shipping needs of our clients, including:

  • Direct shipping. We can provide direct shipping to our clients on an as-needed basis or a variable schedule dependent on the scope of the manufacturing project.
  • Warehouse shipping. We ship packages from our warehouse on a client-set schedule or as per individual requests.

At Reliant Sourcing, we also buy parts and materials in bulk from overseas and supply them to clients as needed. We manage inventory levels, the flow of inventory, and inventory forecasts on behalf of our clients, as well as provide inventory budgeting services to help optimize their production operations.
While we locate, warehouse, and deliver the necessary parts and materials, clients must supply us with a forecast of their needs, agree to take up some inventory, and provide us with factory shipping requirements. Depending on their customer demand, some clients request once per week shipments, while others request them once every two weeks. In either case, clients have to keep handling, transit time, and other factors in mind.



Our warehouse locations provide us the capacity to ship to a multitude of areas using various carriers, depending on the delivery parameters requested by our clients. While we are set up to utilize the preferred carriers of our clients, in general, for smaller items and orders, we ship with UPS, FedEx, and DHL and, for larger items and orders, we ship via LTL delivery. Additionally, we put our best effort into sourcing carriers with the best rates to help keep costs down.


Choosing Reliant Sourcing Solutions for Your Packaging and Logistics Needs

With more than fifty years of experience providing packaging and logistics solutions to our clients, the team at Reliant Sourcing has the knowledge and skills to handle any packing and shipping need, including rush and same-day delivery (within reason).

We are dedicated to providing quality customer service, including by having quick response times and encouraging the development of strong customer relationships.

For every client project, we focus on:

  • Finding the best prices
  • Maintaining responsiveness
  • Providing fast lead times and high-quality delivery

We make it as easy as possible for our clients to partner with us by shipping the right items with the correct quantity on-time and providing proper invoicing, pricing, and PO matching. Since we know what it is like to be on our clients’ side of the business, we do our best to treat them the way we want to be treated.

Partnering With Reliant Sourcing Solutions

By investing in a third-party packaging and logistics company, you can streamline your manufacturing or production operation. The team at Reliant Sourcing has the necessary experience and expertise to provide timely and high-quality packaging and logistics solutions tailored to your unique needs.

To learn more about our packaging and logistics services or if you need a sourcing partner for your next manufacturing project, contact us or request a quote today. One of our experts will get in touch with you soon to speak with you about your concerns and project requirements.