At Reliant Sourcing Solutions, we provide engineering support services to our clients to facilitate the completion of their projects. Our experts work with clients, their in-house engineers, and engineers from outsourced suppliers to handle any quality issues that may arise during the production process. Additionally, they partner with the engineers of domestic and overseas suppliers to ensure that quality audits and inspections effectively catch any problems at an early stage.

From offering quality issue solutions to design recommendations, our engineers can provide many practical suggestions to optimize and streamline a client’s project, including:

  • Cost reduction
  • Product design improvement
  • Production schedule creation

Moreover, they can identify and provide manufacturing sources for our customers on a global scale, so that each customer receives products that meet all of their specifications.


Our Engineering Team

We offer our clients a broad range of engineering expertise to cover all aspects of the production process.

While our in-house mechanical engineer focuses on conducting incoming inspections, we also maintain access to a variety of outsourced engineering resources. Depending on the needs of the client and their application, we employ different engineers to facilitate the design and engineering stage, such as industrial engineers for system optimization and chemical engineers for coating applications.


Our Quality

At Reliant Sourcing, we pride ourselves on always delivering high-quality solutions to our clients. We understand the importance of meeting the unique requirements and quality standards of each customer’s project and work diligently to ensure they are always met or exceeded.

For example, some of our customers may require a Level 3 PPAP submission, while others may need to source from an ISO-certified factory or a UL-certified manufacturer. Regardless of their project requirements, we always identify the ideal source or supplier.

We also offer in-house or outsourced (performed by certified third-party agencies) testing capabilities. In addition, we can work with a customer’s third-party quality source to ensure that all source materials meet the necessary specifications and standards.

Once testing is completed, we forward a factory certificate on to the client, allowing them to verify that all standards have been met. We also work with customers to obtain internal quality approval.

Partnering With Reliant Sourcing Solutions

As an industry leader in providing turnkey manufacturing solutions, Reliant Sourcing Solutions pulls the veil away from the procurement process and eliminates the hassle of dealing with suppliers, whether domestic or overseas. Our team does the legwork of identifying, vetting, and qualifying vendors so that you don’t have to. Our services help customers to take their project from initial prototype to a high-quality, market-ready product.

To learn more about our engineering services or if you need a sourcing partner for your next manufacturing project, contact us or request a quote today. One of our experts will get in touch with you soon to speak with you about your concerns and project requirements.